Our History

Junior League of Miami has been training, developing, and empowering women throughout Miami-Dade County for nearly 91 years. To that end, Junior League of Miami has contributed over $3.3 million to the community and millions of volunteer hours since its founding in 1926. Through our unique mission, members learn to manage and train volunteers, unite communities, and form partnerships while working to make Miami a better place to live.

Our Legacy

During our 91 year history, we have been led by some amazing women, including those serving as President over the last 25 years.

2017-2018 Helen Picard
2016-2017 Amanda Kessler
2015-2016 Emilie Goldman Wernick
2014-2015 Maria Figueroa Byrd
2013-2014 Leanne Tellam
2012-2013 Katie Lane-Arriola
2011-2012 Dana Wolpert Martorella
2010-2011 Loretta Nido
2009-2010 Erin Dolan Knight
2008-2009 Michelle Ramirez Patricios
2007-2008 Lauren Harrison Genovese
2006-2007 Susan Lerner
2005-2006 Andria Hanley
2004-2005 Amy Sussman
2003-2004 Karen Key Cabrera
2002-2003 Holly J. Battle
2001-2002 Julia Rea Bianchi
2000-2001 Debbie Korge
1999-2000 Lyn Pannone
1998-1999 Mary Young

1997-1998 Laurie Schobelock
1996-1997 Lindy Colson
1995-1996 Jayne Harris Abess
1994-1995 Susan Janeway Moll
1993-1994 Jane Chadwick
1992-1993 Linda Dunn Brown
1991-1992 Pamela Florence Poulos
1990-1991 Claudia Crimmen Kitchens
1989-1990 Ronni Weksler Bermont
1988-1989 Cristina Laguerela Mendoza
1987-1988 Mary Kononoff Lynch
1986-1987 Susan Tamny Jones
1985-1986 Rebecca Roper Matkov
1984-1985 Dorothy Collins Weaver
1983-1984 Maggie Maessen Blake
1982-1983 Betty Cortina Huck
1981-1982 Dale Chapman Webb
1980-1981 Eleanor Calvert Crowder

Our Supporters

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