Charlotte Dunagan takes on the living and dining rooms in the Sausage Tree Cottage

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Charlotte was born into the world of design. The daughter of a Parisian interior designer, Francoise Dubern, she worked and traveled alongside her parents throughout Europe, developing an expert eye for exceptional workmanship and quality in collectible art and furnishings. Her firm, Charlotte Dunagan Design Group, specializes in high-end residential projects where the client is the main inspiration for creating spaces with timeless simplicity and a versatility of style that ranges from traditional to modern.

“The Kampong is such a special space in our neighborhood that we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this special event," said Charlotte. "We were inspired to create a crisp, modern space integrating the original kitchen colors {retro St. Charles cabinets in gorgeous aqua} into our new scheme. The added bonus of being able to use our talents and skills to raise money for the Junior League made it a very worthwhile project for us to take on."

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